First blog post – About me

I wanted my first blog post to be a little bit more about me and my introduction in when I fell in love with the Islamic world.

I met my children’s father in the UK, he was born in Morocco and took me for my first visit to Agadir a little over 23 years ago. The moment my feet touched the beautiful country I fell in love, with the people, the food, the smells and the culture. And I have never looked back.

For 13 years, I spent 8 weeks every year in Morocco, living in a local village close to Agadir, with my family. A home away from home. This is where I started to learn about the culture and my knowledge grew and grew, things back then you couldn’t as easily have learned from the internet, books or TV.

My children’s father passed away in 2008. I still visit my family as often as I can and my love for Morocco continues.

4 years ago I took a holiday to Egypt where I met and fell in love with my now husband Mohamed. After just over 3 years of living in Sharm el Sheikh and Cairo we are now very happy both living in the UK.

InShaAllah we will continue to share our lives and culture for many more years to come. I have set up this blog predominantly to help others, I am just an ordinary girl, but have gained much knowledge and experience that I believe can help others.

That was an introduction from me but I would love to know where my readers are, please comment where your from and introduce yourselves!


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