Tagine – North African Cooking Pot

A tagine is traditionally from north Africa, an earthenware pot used daily in any Moroccan home. It is the name of the dish and the pot it is cooked in.

It has been found in history to go as far back as the 9th century since we have been using them. Although originally a Berber dish, the tagine has evolved with history as waves of Arab and French colonialists have left their influences.
Classic tagines include combinations of lamb with dried prunes or apricots; chicken with preserved lemon and green olives; duck with dates and honey; and fish cooked with tomatoes, lime, and cilantro.

Traditionally cooked very slowly over hot coals, but just as good on a modern gas hob.
A mothers dream, all the food is prepared cooked and eaten from just one dish…👍😊 so no piles of pots and pans to wash up after.

Look around for my Tagine recipes which can be found In the Kitchen

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